C Z At Palm Beach
Like the scion of a once-great dynasty, Quest is the last magazine devoted to Society with a capital S, covering the socially prominent in New York, Greenwich, The Hamptons, Palm Beach, and Miami.

In print for more than 30 years and with a readership of over 500,000, Quest is the monthly journal of New York’s new “400,” covering their causes and careers, the passions that drive them, and the unions that unite them. It is a family magazine devoted equally to shining a light on the glamour of past generations as it is to admiring the sun rising over the Upper East Side on a new generation.

Our readers turn to us for our extensive coverage of today’s social scene, and are always delighted to stroll down memory lane with our collection of snapshots portraying their family and friends from yesteryear.

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Chairman and CEO
S. Christopher Meigher III

David Patrick Columbia

Deputy Editor
Elizabeth Meigher

Senior Editor
Brooke Kelly

Art Director/Production Manager
Tykischa Jacobs

Julie Skarratt

Society Editor
Hilary Geary

Contributing Writers
Harry Benson
James MacGuire
Elizabeth Meigher
Liz Smith
Taki Theodoracopulos
Michael Thomas

Contributing Photographers
Harry Benson
Lucien Capehart Photography
Mimi Ritzen Crawford
Billy Farrell
Mary Hilliard
Cutty McGill
Patrick McMullan
Joe Schildhorn
Ben Fink Shapiro

Hannah Thomson
Annie Watt