The Meera Ghandi Show

The Meera Gandhi Show Show Teaser from The Meera Gandhi Show on Vimeo.

The Meera Gandhi Show is airing on Sunday, May 28th at 7pm. The aim of the show is to encourage people to live a life of positivity, spiritual understanding and inner peace. Globally recognized and award-winning influencer, humanitarian and philanthropist Meera Gandhi is awesome, and refreshingly candid as the show goes in-depth into one-on-one interviews with significant influencers from all walks of life: friends, healers, spiritual gurus, politicians, diplomats, actors and lawyers. The key of the show is to rediscover tools to de-stress and live a more joyful, positive life. The show, combined with amazing individuals, gives us an exciting, moving glimpse into a happier way to live life. The show brings to life nuggets of inspirational wisdom, combined with inspiring stories of people’s childhood lessons, successes, failures, future endeavors, and what it means to give back. All this and more is a PART of this “good content to be watched” TV show!
The complete season on B4U TV Network will air 13 episodes, with the last one airing on Sunday, August 20th 2017! Be sure to catch ALL the episodes live on TV each Sunday at 7pm or at, or on Facebook, YouTube, and the B4U TV network and South Asian Times websites.
Come and join us on the Meera Gandhi Show and bring more joy and clarity into your life, “After all – We are to the universe only as much as we give back to it” – This show will truly give back some real life answers to all viewers.
Yes, prepare to be truly inspired!