16 Acres: Rebuilding the World Trade Center

by Alex R. Travers

Writer-producer Matt Kapp, who received a standing ovation for his documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor, now turns to the project of rebuilding the World Trade Center. His latest film, 16 Acres, is a blueprint of how and why the historic task was undertaken.  “There are about 100 different movies that could be made. It was an exercise in paring down,” exclaims Kapp.

The documentary expertly walks the tightrope between noble intentions and unending delays caused by the politics and pride of the many parties involved. But as with all large-scale urban projects, it’s a small group of power players who weave the final outcome.

16 Acres gives us inside access to the project and its key principals. For example, Silverstein Properties, a major development company at the heart of the affair, claims that next year, 4 World Trade Center will open. Once New Yorkers will be able to see the towers peeking their heads above the lofty downtown skyline, the long saga of the construction will no longer be overlooked. 16 Acres grabs you, reminds you, and inspires awe.