2018 NYPL Young Lions Fiction Award


The 2018 New York Public Library’s Young Lions Fiction Award was held to a smashing success last night on Thursday, June 7, honoring the best of today’s young writers.

Held at the New York Public Library’s Stephen A. Schwarzian Building, it was a beautiful celebration of the young souls and the contemporary literary intellects. The evening featured DJ Jason Fioto, the fabulous Bosco GIF Booth, as well as an old school Whiskey Bar.

Revealed during the ceremony was this year’s award winner, Lesley Nneka Arimah. Out of the five finalists, including Venita Blackburn, Gabe Habash, Emily Ruskovich, Jenny Zhang, and herself, Arimah won the 2018’s award for her debut short story collection What It Means When A Man Falls from the Sky. She received the prize and gave an inspiring speech at the award ceremony, after which the guests headed to the Library’s main hall for drinks, dancing, and dessert.

Congratulations again to Arimah and all the young writers who strive to create and to bring more stories to our time—looking forward to next year’s Fiction Award!