A Conversation with Cathy Taub, Executive Vice President at Stribling

Q. What unique strengths do you bring to real estate sales?

A. Years of practicing law inform the strategy of my negotiations. I am proud of my sales record: most of my listings have sold close to, at, or slightly above the asking price. That success is the result of clever negotiating. I believe that “smart” matters. There are countless issues that arise in multi-million dollar transactions; I was trained as an attorney to think quickly, “put out fires,” and find solutions. I also maintain a reputation for professionalism, fair-dealing, and truthfulness. This is a relationship business, and good relationships with co-brokers benefit the buyers and sellers I represent–and can help seal a deal.

Q. Do you have any advice you can offer prospective sellers?

A. Be thoughtful when selecting a broker, interview several prospects, and ask each broker the same questions. This will provide insight into how they think on their feet, how they present themselves to others, and what thoughts they have about the prospects of selling your property. Familiarize yourself with the market so you have a gauge on competitive listings and recent sales. Websites such as streeteasy.com are a great resource. Be patient: it sometimes can take a bit of time to find the right buyer. Finally, but sure to listen to what your broker has to say!

Q. What advice can you offer prospective purchasers?

A. Be prepared. Be ready with an attorney, mortgage professional (if you are financing), and prepare your financial statement to submit with a bid. Use an experienced and trusted broker to advice you, thorny issues can arise, and a trusted advisor can be critical to the ultimate success of a traction.

Cathy Taub can be reached at 212.452.4387 or ctaub@stribling.com. For her broker profile and current listings, please visit stribling.com