A Conversation with Martin Ambrose and Samuel Leeds of Marty Party Pillows


Mary Party Pillows offers a collection of throw pillows that are affordable and of quality—a rarer combination than you may expect. Here, Quest speaks with owner (and Upper East Sider!) Martin Ambrose and Samuel Leeds about their company:

Quest: How and when did Marty Party Pillows start? 

Martin: The idea for Marty Party Pillows started in 2011 when I was holding a trunk show for the designer Suzanne Rae at my parents’ classic Upper East Side home. My mother has fantastic style, but is not as youthful as mine. In an attempt to spruce up their apartment I decided to employ a pillow “facelift.” When I realized how difficult it was to find simple, stylish pillows at a reasonable price, the idea for Marty Party Pillows began to take shape. My Irish father would have had a heart attack if I went with the $300 pillows I wanted (I only needed 12 of them), so I improvised by utilizing a factory in the Garment District to make up some pillow cases more suited to the occasion.

My business partner, Samuel Leeds, joined because he has a background in product development and marketing, which is a skill set that perfectly complements mine. Plus, he thinks I have great style—who wouldn’t want that energy around?

Quest: Tell us about the name: Marty Party Pillows? How does it represent the brand? 

Martin: The brand is meant to be playful. We want you to feel at home with these pillows. We want your husband, boyfriend, child, or even delivery man to notice them but not to feel intimidated! You can have a party, flaunt your pillows, and not be worried that they might get dirty. But if they do—gasp!—just unzip the cases; they’re easy to clean. A pillow can add so much but let’s always remember, it is just a pillow!

Quest: What inspires you as you grow the brand and work on the products?

Samuel: I think we find a base in certain design vocabularies. The toiles look back to the 18th century and the chevrons feel very Art Deco in the right settings. I think—and this is happening as more and more of our friends integrate the pillows into their living spaces—that the products are becoming inspired by a more nomadic, eclectic spirit that is emblematic of our lifestyles—as well as that of our customers. Some new designs that reflect this spirit will be launching for holiday so stay tuned!


Quest: Who is the Marty Party Pillows customer? 

Martin: I feel that these pillows could work in any setting but they were definitely designed with our generation in mind—they are perfect for young professionals. We find that twentysomethings, like ourselves, are moving frequently and have simpler furniture. We don’t live in homes that are head-to-toe in matching fabrics.  We wanted to give life to these homes by providing an easy way for people to add some personality and a touch of sophistication to their space. With that said, we are so happy to have customers of all ages.

Quest: Where can you find Marty Party Pillows? What rooms of the home? What neighborhoods or towns?

Martin: Well, to start, they are sold online at www.MartyPartyPillows.com and trunk shows around New York City.  They will also be on display and by order at Eva Shaw Designs at 107 Sullivan Street in SoHo!

You can find them in any room of the home and up and down the East Coast from summer homes in Cape Cod to apartments everywhere from the West Village to the Upper East Side! My original vision was pillows for a couch, but I actually love them on the bed. I recently saw a hotel collection duvet set with three of our 20×20-inch pillows lined across the bed. I love it! If you’ve seen our Instagram account, @mrtyprtypillows, you also know that we have a traveling pillow that we try to take everywhere with us!

Samuel:  The Marty Party traveling pillow was almost stolen by a deer on Fire Island this summer! So, these pillows can handle any circumstances.

Quest: If you could choose five words to describe the brand, what would they be?

Martin: FUNctional. Stylish. Durable. Affordable. Playful.

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For more information on Marty Party Pillows, please email info@martypartypillows.com or visit www.martypartypillows.com.