Artist Peter Anton is obsessed with the power of food.  For him, food goes beyond necessity; it is a gateway to memory and emotion. His oversized, hyperrealistic sculptures immediately surprise and delight, conjuring up childhood memories of ice-cream sandwiches enjoyed under the summer sun and chalky candy hearts received on Valentine’s Day. With meticulously replicated textures and exacting, far-out proportions, Peter Anton’s food art is whimsical, uplifting and fun—all characteristics we crave to embrace during a turbulent 2020. 

American artist and sculptor Peter Anton and the article’s author, Lauren Muzinich, stand beside one of Anton’s larger-than-life boxes of chocolates, for which Anton has become most well known. (All photos courtesy of Peter Anton as seen on instagram @ peter_anton)

Said differently, it is difficult not to smile, if not salivate, when confronted with a perfectly rendered 3-foot-wide glazed donut, or a 6-by-6 foot box of exquisite, assorted chocolates. 

“I strongly feel that different foods activate passions and emotions in people and profoundly connect to an individual’s memories and personal history,” asserts artist Peter Anton.  He continues, “I am excited by the opportunity for my art to be inspired by the culinary creativity of one of the world’s greatest chefs.”  

Heavenly Assortment, 48 x 48 x 5 inches mixed media, 2020.

Chef Daniel Boulud’s prominence in the culinary world is well known.  From his Michelin-starred flagship, DANIEL, to his properties across the globe, Chef Boulud’s signature remains the contemporary appeal he brings to soulful dishes rooted in the French tradition. 

Chef Daniel Boulud is an active supporter of Citymeals on Wheels, a charity that provides nutritious meals to homebound elderly New Yorkers.  Every March, Chef Boulud, Co-President of Citymeals’ Board of Directors, hosts the annual Sunday Supper fundraiser at his eponymous restaurant DANIEL. Since its inception, Sunday Supper has raised over $13 million in support of NYC’s homebound elderly. 

Super Donuts, 26 x 37 x 6 inches, mixed media, 2020. 

Who better than Chef Daniel Boulud to bridge the worlds of food and food art to benefit a food-focused charity. 

Artist Peter Anton joins this relationship during a year when food has taken on new relevance. For some, a glimmer of a silver lining during the pandemic has been an opportunity for families in quarantine to spend more time together. This is no more true than during meals, when zoom-schooling children and newly minted work-from-home parents break bread more often. 

The pandemic has also magnified the challenges already faced by many members of our community, particularly NYC’s homebound elderly. Citymeals on Wheels’ mission is now more important than ever.   

Assorted Cupcakes, 56 x 33 x 33 inches each, mixed media, 2020.

Artist Peter Anton and Chef Daniel Boulud will collaborate to create a piece of DANIEL-inspired art that will be auctioned during Citymeals on Wheels’ Sunday Supper on March 7, 2021. 100% of the proceeds will support Citymeals on Wheels. 

Artist Peter Anton’s support for Citymeals on Wheels is timely. His art reminds us that food can be sustenance for the soul as much as for the body; food not only creates momentary excitement, it also forms lasting bonds between people. Like Chef Boulud’s cooking, Peter Anton’s art connects us at once to individual sensory memory and shared cultural identity. His exaggerated scale and exacting detail tease our senses and encourage exploration of our ideas about appetite, consumption, pleasure, overindulgence and even addiction.

Lauren Muzinich with her daughters at “Sweet Dreams: Confectionary Sculpture by Peter Anton” exhibition at the Lyman Art Museum.

Chef Boulud has spoken of creating “a lasting impression after a first taste.” Artist Peter Anton strives to capture and embue his sculptures with the same permanent energy and magic. He is meticulous in his research and preparation. His sculptures are crafted from carefully selected, manipulated materials, including resin, metal, wood, clay, acrylic and oil paints.  The results look delicious enough to eat. 

Macaron Tower, 19 x 9 x 9 inches, mixed media, 2020.

Anton’s most recent exhibit, “Sweet Dreams: Confectionery Sculpture by Peter Anton,” was featured at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum in Connecticut during the summer and fall of 2020.  His exhibit drew rave reviews but, more importantly to the artist, viewers ranged from young to old and included a preponderance of families.  Good food art, like good food, seems to have universal appeal. 

Sugar Trophy Fish, 12 x 23 x 3 inches, mixed media, 2020. 

About Citymeals on Wheels 

As one of the largest meals on wheels programs in the United States, Citymeals on Wheels delivers over 2 million meals to more than 18,000 homebound elderly New Yorkers annually. Since 1981, Citymeals on Wheels has ensured our most vulnerable neighbors across the five boroughs receive a lifeline of nourishment and warm human companionship. www.citymeals.org 

Every March, Chef Daniel Boulud hosts Citymeals on Wheels’ annual Sunday Supper at his eponymous restaurant DANIEL.  Last year’s event raised $1 million – enough to prepare and deliver 125,000 meals.  Since its inception, Sunday Supper has raised over $13 million for homebound elderly New Yorkers.