A Fine Young Gentleman Photographs NY

by Alex R. Travers

What New York needs now is a lot of things, but I suspect one of them is not more fear. Slowly, downtown New York City is getting its power back; restaurants are reopening; public transportation is starting to return to schedule; gas stations are getting their deliveries. We are grateful for the actions of Mayor Bloomberg and the respondents who have gone above and beyond to help their communities. It is this steadfast commitment that has fueled the recovery of the city and its surrounding areas.

During the nights of the blackout, many New Yorkers ventured out to capture the haunting aftermaths of the storm. Justin L. Jeffers was one of them. Mr. Jeffers is a photographer and the proprietor of the men’s fashion blog, TheFineYoungGentleman.com. His pictures take us on a jolting and hypnotic ride through downtown New York’s vaporous nighttime setting. They are exceptional and astute.

To view more images, visit TheFineYoungGentleman.com. Photos courtesy of Justin L. Jeffers.