A Hudson Oasis: Valley Rock Inn

Just a one-hour train ride from New York City you’ll find the modern, warm, and welcoming urban oasis of Valley Rock Inn. This charming village complex, located in Sloatsburg, New York, is nestled between two state parks spanning 70,000 acres: Sterling Forest and Harriman State Park. Valley Rock Inn is a destination designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind and for those who want to enjoy locally sourced food from the Hudson Valley. The inn is more like a private village, offering an on-site market, café, bike shop, gathering and game spaces, and guesthouses. Enhanced with antiques, 20th-century design, and other great finds, Valley Rock Inn is refreshingly chic.

“This region has a vibrant cycling community and as it continues to grow, we felt something was missing,” explains Michael Bruno, the real estate and Internet entrepreneur, who is the visionary behind this new Rockland County venture. Bruno, the founder of 1stdibs and Tuxedo Hudson Company, goes on: “What we have created is a haven for cyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, and visitors with a modern, active, and healthy lifestyle.”

Set on three acres, the Valley Rock Inn is poised to be the first stop into the Hudson Valley. “The location offers an escape for everyone—especially for city-dwellers who want to get away from it all but not that far away,” says Bruno. Situated perfectly just a few steps from the Sloatsburg train station, it is the ideal jumping-off point to the miles of cycling and hiking trails in Harriman State Park.

Upon arrival, guests are immersed in a serene landscape. The complex is a lush, verdant garden amplifying its peaceful atmosphere even more. One of the highlights of the compound is the walled Rose Courtyard, where fragrant dawn roses climb the stonewalls, white gravel is underfoot, and a tranquil fountain takes center stage. This enchanting space is a natural spot for guests to relax, and it also has the capacity to host events for up to 80 people.

Also on site is the Valley Rock Market, offering bountiful produce from local farmers. To preserve a threatened sustainable way of life, Bruno has purchased Orange County farmland “to help ensure the livelihood of our next generation of farmers and to preserve farmland.” The Garden Café, led by Phillip Kirschen-Clark, offers delectable American farm-to-table fare.

There are four historic houses on the property that have been completely renovated to include 17 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, and covered porches. These guesthouses feature wooden clapboard siding, new windows, gleaming oak floors, and sleek modern bathrooms. Each has a comfortable sitting room and accommodates six to eight guests. For the interiors, Bruno turned to Lisa Bowles, a New York City–based designer, to create the sophisticated, inviting vibe felt throughout the complex.

With its opening, Valley Rock Inn offers a unique yet easy getaway for New Yorkers seeking a green escape. Fall foliage only beckons us more, as do plans for future additions, including a garden shop, pool, bar, and spa in the coming years. Additional guest rooms are also in the works, in the form The Lodge, slated for 2019. This is a return trip we’re sure to make.