A Lasting First Impression


“As you walk into anyone’s entrance, you want to feel welcome, you want to feel embraced,” says William R. Eubanks, principal of William R. Eubanks, Inc., whose name is synonymous with refined, classical interior design. “Whether it be period or modern style, it gives you an introd auction to what you’re about to find.”

An entrance sets the stage for a home, so it should be emblematic of the aesthetic, drawing on the themes of the rooms. William R. Eubanks, Inc. offers an exceptional service in that it is as comprehensive as it is holistic. Clients are thrilled with entrances that announce their homes, creating a symphony of comfort and beauty. Eubanks says: “Clients come to us because they think that they’re going to get the authentic patina of what they want to achieve.”

With locations in Palm Beach, Florida; New York, New York; and Memphis, Tennessee, William R. Eubanks, Inc. boasts an expertise in antiques—from French and English objets d’art to Oriental porcelains—that is unparalleled. He synthesizes his experience as a purveyor of these treasures with his experience as an interior designer to the world.

For more information about William R. Eubanks, Inc. at 340 Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, call 561.805.9335 or visit williamreubanks.com