A Life of Positivity

Globally renowned and award-winning influencer, humanitarian, and philanthropist Meera Gandhi serves as a true inspiration to all, and her wide array of achievements and efforts never cease to amaze. Gandhi is best known for founding the Giving Back Foundation, a platform for women and children to address issues related to illness and poverty. The organization has recently made notable strides to inform both local students and alumni from prominent schools worldwide of the organization’s concerns. For one, the Giving Back Foundation partnered with Lavelle Olexa this summer and held an event for FIT students, where Gandhi and Olexa spoke intimately with participants before convening for dinner and wine. The following night, Meera Gandhi hosted alumni of the United World Colleges at her Upper East Side townhouse to raise money for a Syrian student to attend the United World Colleges; the goal was easily achieved, enabled by a turnout of over 30 attendees from all over the world.

In addition to running the Giving Back Foundation, Meera Gandhi recently branched into several other new exciting arenas. She established a successful television series aimed at improving people’s mental health, which has just been renewed for a second season. The inspiring and uplifting Meera Gandhi Show encourages all to live positive lives filled with spiritual understanding and inner peace. The show airs every Sunday on the B4U TV Network at 10 a.m. EST. Gandhi, the show’s host, provides a refreshingly candid attitude throughout the series, and is continuously joined by significant influencers from all walks of life. These influencers range from spiritual gurus and healers to politicians, diplomats, and attorneys, who weigh in with inspiring stories and life lessons to provide moving glimpses into what it means to lead a positive way of life. This summer at the Plaza Hotel’s packed ballroom, Meera Gandhi was honored by Bollywood’s Stardust Global Icon Awards for her inspiring message in the series. While presenting the award to Gandhi, chief executive officer of Colors TV Raj Naik declared, “Mental health is a real challenge today and more people need to address this.” Gandhi was also cited for her ongoing work empowering female leaders and children through education.

Aside from her work with the Giving Back Foundation and the Meera Gandhi Show, Gandhi has also recently come out with exciting new products including the Giving Fragrance and the Giving Candle. Gandhi worked tirelessly with an exceptional fragrance team in New York to create the unique fragrance, which embodies strength, courage, and femininity in each stunning French-made bottle. With similar goals, the Giving Candle enriches any space with the generous, long-lasting scent of ambrosia, lavender, and botanicals to make a statement about the benevolence and good heart of its buyer. Purchases of both products directly support the charitable endeavors of the Giving Back Foundation.