A Starry Midsummer Escape—Artist Natalia Stuyk’s First Solo Exhibition at Galeria Melissa SoHo


Looking for an artsy and Instagram-able place to escape from the summer heat and celebrate a beautiful day? How about a fantasy land of fashion under a view of the galaxy? The global fashion accessories brand, Melissa, has launched the visionary digital artist, Natalia Stuyk, into the New York City’s art community, presenting Stuyk’s multimedia work in its SoHo flagship store, Galeria Melissa.
Running now through August 31, Galeria Melissa will be offering free access to its latest installation, “Paraíso,” by the talented London-based artist. As a video artist and director, Stuyk often plays with over-saturated colors, rhythmic motion, and infinite loops. Merging 2D and 3D techniques with photographic elements, her work intends to bring the audience into a realm of imagination and surrealistic reality. The “Paraíso” is Stuyk’s first-ever exhibition in the U.S., and it employs an unexpected medium of dichroic film as a raw material in creating 3D imagery and video, challenging the existing parameters of traditional video art by forming one creative world of ideas, images, sound, and feelings. 

Installation in Progress pc: Florencia Alvarado

To successfully bring Stuyk’s concept to life, Melissa coordinated production with SOFTlab, and directly connected the analog installation with the iconic gallery-turned-store’s screens. Visitors to Galeria Melissa will find themselves immediately transported through a haze of virtual heat, rising above every surface of Stuyk’s natural universe-inspired setting, accented by glistening shards in ever-changing colors.
This experience was put together and made possible by Melissa and specifically Galeria Melissa—a brand recognized for its celebration of design and a space born from a futuristic eye. Located in SoHo, Galeria Melissa explores and innovates with the latest technology to provide its customers with a unique multi-sensory shopping experience. The gallery rotates exhibits four times a year, is the supportive ground for emerging artists and modern installation art to thrive.
“I ultimately aim to create work that makes you feel ‘Oh, I want to be in it’ or ‘I want to touch it,’ says Stuyk, “The installation is mostly about summer and escapism. That’s what’s been on my mind while I’ve been working on it: a visual manifestation of feeling too hot to move and not caring about it.”  So, what are you waiting for, New Yorkers? It’s time to escape from the steamy summer heat and enjoy an infinity room of the fascinating holographic stars.