A Superior Rum and Cola

It’s the perfect paring: BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro and Fever-Tree Cola, a Rum and Cola like no other. Recently, Fever-Tree—a producer of premium mixers that has set a new standard for quality and innovation by crafting the finest mixers to complement the finest spirits—announced the launch of its Distillers Cola, a collaboration with aficionados across the spirits world. The most noteworthy partnership, however, has been with BACARDÍ’s Master Blender, José “Joe” A. Gómez, on “Rum and Cola Reimagined,” a national program with Fever-Tree Distillers Cola and BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro. Designed for mixing with the finest rums and whiskeys, the new expression is available nationwide.

Say José “Joe” A. Gómez: “We are delighted to collaborate alongside Fever-Tree Distillers Cola. We were very impressed with its abilities to complement our fine rums and our BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro in particular. Mixing with this new cola takes a classic drink, the Rum and Cola, and elevates it in terms of flavor and quality. As a blender, it is very exciting to see the nuances of my spirits come through and be celebrated, rather than covered up.”

In the same way Fever-Tree revolutionized tonic water for gin, ginger for vodkas, and sodas for tequilas by sourcing the highest quality, natural ingredients, Fever-Tree Distillers Cola will do justice to the premium whiskeys and rums with which it has been designed to mix. Made with the care and attention to detail with the most acclaimed distillers in mind, Fever-Tree Distillers Cola is a unique recipe of naturally sourced ingredients. They include Caribbean kola nuts, Tahitian limes, and a selection of distilled botanicals and spices, such as Jamaican pimento berries and Madagascan vanilla. It’s delicious. 

The result is a cola that is rich and complex in flavor, with the perfect level of sweetness to complement and elevate whiskeys and rums from the finest distilleries. Try it first with BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on what’s being called the best Rum & Cola of the summer.