A Sweet Escape: The J House Hotel in Greenwich

by Miles Rutter

If you have ever found wandering the terminals of Grand Central to be a crowded, hectic, and confusing experience, then imagine the stress induced anxiety and murderous rage you would feel toward your fellow man while walking through at 6 p.m. on a Friday, which also happens to be the terminal’s 100th anniversary. This was the scene I found myself battling as I prepared to spend the weekend at the swanky new J House hotel in Greenwich, Connecticut. There I was, weaving and bobbing through gawking tourists, terrified travelers, and, for some reason, a celebratory concert that was set up in the middle of the station. But alas, as they say, getting there is half the battle. A quick stop to grab a 24 oz. Foster’s for the ride and I was off on the Metro-North, finally able to breath a relaxed sigh of relief, like so many commuting professionals before me.

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