A Taste Of History, A Design For Today

Mount Gay Rum has a long history, tracing back its lineage to 1703. To celebrate its 310th anniversary last year, Mount Gay launched Black Barrel, a new product within its portfolio and the first to feature its new brand identity.


This small-batch rum, aged in charred oak barrels that had previously been used to age bourbons, is delicious enough to sip on its own, while textured enough to mix with something fruity if you’re trying to mentally escape to the Caribbean.

To honor Black Barrel’s first anniversary, Mount Gay has also updated the bottle design of its Eclipse, Eclipse Silver, and XO marques in the same sleek style as the newest addition to the brand.

“Mount Gay Rum is a handcrafted spirit with a rich history and refined character,” said Gene Song, Vice President of Marketing for Mount Gay Rum at Rémy Cointreau USA.  “It is important that our packaging clearly communicates who we are and what we stand for as a brand.”