A Timeless Timepiece by Hermès: The Acreau de Soir


Throughout the years, Hermès has continued to deliver the unexpected, capturing both practicality and functionality in its designs. The very name of the brands latest timepiece invokes images of art and light. Inspired by silk scarf designer Florence Manlik, Hermès is pleased to introduce the Acreau Robe de Soir.

The Acreau Robe de Soir is a 12-piece limited numbered edition watch imbued with the Hermès saddle and leather-making heritage, which transposes the art of contemporary mosaic into the playful world of Hermès.

Available in stores now, the rose gold Acreau boasts radiantly vivid colors displayed throughout the design. With a 41mm diameter, the Acreau Robe de Soir features an equestrian motif of 2,200 tiny leather squares which form a horse profile inspired by the Hermès “Robe du Soir” silk scarf. The horse is set against an electric blue backdrop, and the colorful fragments are lit up by the rose gold glow of the round case with asymmetrical lugs and slim leaf type hands. Gliding over the leather mosaic dial, the slender hour and minute hands are controlled by a self-winding Manufacture Hermès movement. The watch is complemented by a strap composed of 3,500 leather fragments finely cut from full-grain Swift calfskin in the same shade of electric blue.

For Hermès, time itself is an object, and rather than measuring, ordering, and seeking to control it, Hermès dares to explore another time, designed to create space for spontaneity and recreation.