American Juice Company the Beautiful

by Alex R. Travers

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all juice is NOT created equal.” Armed with a fleet of radical ingredients, American Juice Company (AJC) no longer regards itself as part of the Juice Empire. Massimiliano Metté, the creator of all AJC’s beverages, has formed a new nation. On January 26, at 10:30 p.m., the American Juice Company will celebrate its inception and independence at Harding’s in New York City. Mark your calendars!

Usually juice is just juice. But when Massimiliano Metté makes juice, it’s something truly special. Mr. Metté is a world-renown mixologist with an impressive past. He’s been nominated for the Perfect Barman de Paris award and collaborated with Alain Ducasse, Heinz Beck, Daniel Boulud, and Jean-Francois Paige. Metté also developed the cocktail menu at Washington DC’s famed Jefferson Hotel. The Jefferson is a perfect American tableau, prestigious and elegant, and dear to the innovations of mixology.

Booze and juice have a symbiotic relationship, and this concept is not foreign to American Juice Company; their organic blends are specifically concocted for mixing with liquor and can make a mixed drink delicious using even the cheapest sauce. When the brand officially launches, there will be five mixes to choose from. At the party—which will take place at Harding’s at 32 East 21st Street—AJC will feature their Mango-Almond and Strawberry-Vanilla blends. You pick your own poison to mix them with.

Allow me to praise Harding’s on what they’ve done with their space. The bar area is spacious, airy, and exceedingly comfortable. On a recent visit, Spencer Slaine, a partner in the restaurant, expressed his disdain for all the elbow nudging he’s had to do to get to the front of a bar. With Harding’s 360-degree bar, the issue is vanquished.

Harding’s is boldly imagined and nostalgic of a 19th-century America. The food is familiar; the cocktail menu features only American spirits and beer. Yet everything is elegantly crafted. I salute American Juice Company for choosing Harding’s as the venue to host their launch. I couldn’t think of a better place to cheer the inception of Juice Company that prides itself on its American roots.

For more information visit AJC’s website,

American Juice Company will host their event on January 26, at Harding’s at 10:30 p.m.