And Another One For CREED

Olivier Creed, the sixth-generation master perfumer for the house of CREED, had nothing other than luxury on his mind when he created the house’s newest fragrance, Royal Oud.   With aromas such as Calabrian lemon, pink berry, cedar, angelic root, Regal Indian oud, and Tonkin musk– just to name a few– anyone lucky enough to wear Royal Oud will bask in the delight of both Persian and Parisian luxury.  Wood, leather, marble, and gold, the elements of a royal Persian palace, served as the inspiration behind the scent, and resulted in a truly royal fragrance.

The oud, which might be described as rare, hypnotic, and sumptuous, is an ingredient obtained from Indian Agarwood trees.  Mr. Creed’s son (the expected seventh-generation inheritor to the throne of CREED), Erwin Creed, sourced the oud directly from local providers in India.

With 2.5-oz. bottles of this fragrance priced at $300, buyers can feel good about their purchase, knowing that part of the proceeds from U.S. sales will benefit child health in India via the Global Giving foundation.

And speaking of royalty, what do the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge have that  no one else does?  You guessed it, CREED Royal Oud.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the first bottles of Royal Oud to enter America were presented to the Duke and Duchess during their recent trip to California.

Anyone less than royal will have to wait until October, when the fragrance is set to have its commercial launch.  The October release of this fragrance is the perfect celebration for CREED’s second year as the top-selling fragrance brand at Neiman Marcus– no small feat for a completely private company that does not advertise in the U.S., does not hire celebrity spokespeople, and does not sponsor any events or seek attention.  Instead, CREED competes with much larger brands by mere word-of-mouth, and by standing the test of time with a storied past and pedigree.  The 251 year-old privately held house of CREED has been passed from father to son in an unbroken line since 1760, and remains highly coveted among scent aficionados.  And, for noses in the know, there’s no doubt that Royal Oud will be on the top of their lists for fall.

Royal Oud will be arriving in stores in October, at the Creed Boutique and Bergdorf Goodman, both here in New York, and in  Neiman Marcus stores nationwide.