Ariana Rockefeller Channels Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination at The Met


Last night’s Met Gala red carpet was for the divine, literally. Taking inspiration from this year’s exhibit, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” the who’s who of the fashion world wore papal-inspired gowns, halos, and a whole lot of Dolce & Gabbana. American royal Ariana Rockefeller took a more subtle approach, wearing an angelic Elizabeth Kennedy gown featuring 50 yards of pale pink duchess satin, pearl and rhinestone trim, and two bows that form the gown’s long, romantic train.Kennedy transformed Rockefeller into an archangel after the duo scoured religious art for inspiration. Fittingly, they landed on a  tapestry called “The Annunciation,” a piece hung in The Cloisters, a museum dedicated to religious art in NYC that was funded by the Rockefeller family. In the tapestry, both the archangel Gabriel and Mary are adorned with pearls and draped with volumes of fabric.

The Annunciation, Courtesy of The Met

“I do feel a bit ethereal in this gown,” Rockefeller says. “Elizabeth has once again shown her brilliance in creating this dramatic, feminine and meticulously executed gown. You would think 50 yards of embroidered fabric would be heavy, but I am floating.” The gown came into culmination after weeks of meticulous work, with artisans adorning sleeves and trim with pearls and rhinestones. Oversized bows on the shoulders cascade into an eight-foot train, reminiscent of clerical vestments. “Ariana Rockefeller is a very dear friend and muse,” adds Kennedy. “She is such a wonderful person who radiates warmth, kindness, and beauty. I was naturally inspired to create a look that exemplifies this radiance- a gown worthy of an angel. The Rockefeller family’s philanthropy and contribution to preserving the arts is parallel to none, and Ariana’s love and appreciation of the art of fashion carries on this legacy.”Naturally, Rockefeller chose family heirlooms to accessorize her look for the evening, wearing earrings crafted by Raymond Yard, passed down from her great grandmother and a Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet gifted from her grandfather David Rockefeller to her grandmother Peggy.

PA Images 2018 in New York, USA.