ARIS Meets the Demand to Mitigate Art Market Risk and Increase Asset Value

ARIS Title Insurance Corporation, based in New York, London, Bermuda, São Paulo, and Dubai, and part of the international insurance company, Argo Group, is recognized around the world for legal title insurance that guarantees the clear ownership of personal property in the form of fine art and other important collectibles traded within the global art and collectibles markets.

Recently, the European Commission has issued several recommendations to aid in the prevention of money laundering in the art world, while the ministry of culture is considering legislation to protect consumers in China’s art auction market.

Governments around the world are starting to address the issues prevalent in the art world by working harder to regulate the art market, and ARIS indicates that title insurance helps to ensure compliance with these proposed laws.

As things continue to evolve, working with a reputable company like ARIS to manage risk and increase values when buying and selling artwork is becoming more and more important.

For more information, please visit ARIS (610 Broadway, New York, NY; 212.563.3600) at and


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