Art Basel, Meet Art Elliman


There is a point where art, architecture, and design meet, and that is the focus of the exhibition that Susan de França, CEO of Douglas Elliman Development Marketing, is bringing to Art Basel Miami Beach this winter. “Like art, real estate is an inherently creative endeavor,” she says. “Both require inspiration, imagination, and the ability to execute a vision impeccably.” Her words ring true. In fact, real estate goes hand in hand with art, both sources of inspiration that continue to draw upon each other. And to showcase art and real estate’s synergy, Douglas Elliman will present its “Penthouse Collection,” an exhibit at Art Basel Miami Beach this December in the Collectors Lounge. “It has been our experience that both developers and purchasers alike are avid art collectors, particularly in recent years, where we’ve seen a growing trend of clients around the world gravitating towards tangible assets,” tells de França. She describes how real estate is similar to the art market: “It’s the discerning eye, appreciation for distinctive architecture and fine design, and capacity for intuitive assessment that leads a collector on his or her search for the perfect piece of art. This is precisely what guides these individuals in their pursuit for the perfect home.”

Here, we invite you to take a sneak peek of “The Penthouse Collection,” which will be presented at Douglas Elliman’s exhibit at Art Basel Miami Beach.