Art Show to See: Enoc Perez’s “One World Trade Center” at Peter Blum Gallery


Peter Blum Gallery/ 20 West 57th Street; 212.244.6055

Enoc Perez’s first solo show at Peter Blum Gallery—titled “One World Trade Center” and on view until November 14—features 10 vertical oil paintings (roughly 80 by 60 inches) of the recently constructed Freedom Tower. At its heart, “One World Trade Center” isn’t really about the building itself. It’s more about the power of pop culture and evolution. Each Warholian image of the building is overlapped by another in a different hue, smuggling away the tower’s inherent stability. It’s as though Perez is fairly certain that the future, even with all its bright and bold promises, holds no definitive answers. But that, I suppose, is not his predicament alone.