Ask the Experts

Warmer days are just around the corner, but these transitional weeks can wreak havoc on our hair: winter hat head one day, sun-faded color the next. In our latest Ask the Experts column, Quest brought in color virtuoso Jeffrey Till of the Cutler Salon to give his top seasonal hair fixes.

Jeffrey Till
Cutler/Redken Colorist
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Rx: Good products for the season are ones that offset problems associated with dryness, wind, and the wearing of hats. The Cutler Flyaway Control Stick is an excellent frizz fighter.

Q: What color trends have you noticed lately?
A: Trends now and into the foreseeable future are being set more by the economy than by fashion. We are seeing more people move away from high-maintenance highlighting and toward more easily managed solid colors that are closer to the person’s natural base.

Q: How does weather impact color-treated hair?
A: Winter is not the constant challenge to maintaining color that summer sun poses. However, because of the dryness of the air, people can be lured into over moisturizing hair. The hair has a finite volume and if you are constantly trying to push moisture in you will, in fact, start pushing color out. A good daily moisturizing conditioner will maintain the hair’s balance, but if you’re using masks or deep treatments more than every other week you’re probably fading the color faster than you’d like.

Q: How do you like to see hair color change with the seasons?
A: The key word to keep in mind for winter is contrast—between hair and skin. For blondes, for example, as the skin grows paler, the hair growing out retains more pigment than it would if it were bleached by the sun. This creates a natural contrast: in the winter, the roots of the hair are darker than the skin and in the summer, it’s the opposite. Without contrast, the hair just blends into the skin. Ask your colorist to delete the bleach from your color regimen and switch to highlights. This will reduce the contrast between your highlights and your natural color.

Q: What is the trend you will not miss from 2009?
A: Chunky highlights! They never flatter a person, no matter who the colorist is.