Asprey’s Playful Charm

Apsrey Has always been known for jewelry collections featuring naturalistic forms, and its stunning Woodland Collection is a contemporary reflection of this—one that is inspired by the beauty of the English woodland. The oak tree in particular is a recurring motif, both in the form of oak leaves and the use of textures reminiscent of oak bark, and the collection is produced using a range of highly skilled techniques: micro-pavé features prominently, as does enameling. The latter is exceptionally challenging to execute on curved surfaces. Yet the result is a true work of art, one that is both playful and highly admirable in color and design. The Woodland Charms are designed to be worn flexibly, either in isolation or combined with other charms. They can be attached and detached from the brand’s Charm Bracelets as well.

Asprey’s Palm Beach boutique is located at The Royal Poinciana Plaza. (Annie Watt)

Says Blair Davis, Asprey’s jewelry designer, “Our charms are beautifully versatile from pendant to bracelet, each one a perfectly proportioned little work of art—and just like the most tempting of candies, clients very rarely stop at one.”

Asprey’s The Hanover Chess case is a must-have home accessory. (Photos courtesy of Asprey)

For over two centuries, Asprey has been regarded as a top British luxury lifestyle brand and the Bond Street Flagship Store is considered a must-see destination in London. (If you’re in New York City, be sure to visit their boutique located at 853 Madison Avenue. Or if you’re in Palm Beach you can shop at Asprey’s Royal Poinciana Plaza location.) The brand’s broad product assortment includes jewelry, leather goods, accessories, silver, watches, clocks, first edition leather bound books, china, crystal, games, silk and accessories. Asprey also holds a Royal Warrant from HRH Prince of Wales for jewelry and silver.

Asprey’s Signet rings are based on an original and classic design taken from the archives from over 125 years ago.

As of late—both because of more time spent at home and the resurgence of games like chess from television shows such as The Queen’s Gambit—Asprey’s one-of-a-kind board game sets are gaining popularity. The Hanover Chess case, for instance, is one of the brand’s most admired accessories. The case is made of saddle leather, while the interior of the case is in crafted calf leather. The chess board is inlaid in the classic checkerboard pattern, and folds to fit neatly into the lid. Even Asprey’s Hanover Backgammon Set features ball-cornered dice of casino quality precision. Resin stones (or counters) glide quickly and elegantly across the playing field, and when not in play are stored in leather lined compartments alongside the leather dice cups and the doubling cube. Be sure to explore all of Asprey’s stunning collections, both online and in stores. There truly is something for everyone.

 A collection of charms from Asprey’s Woodland collection, which are all beautifully versatile from pendant to bracelet, each one a perfectly proportioned little work of art.