Assembled in Light

This book by Alastair Gordon just out from Rizzoli on the houses of the Hamptons-based Barnes Coy Architects is a gorgeously photographed panorama of modernism encompassing houses not only in the Hamptons, but on the Georgia coast, in Florida, St. Barts, the California desert, Vail, Colorado, and as far away as Costa Rica.

Christopher Coy, of Barnes Coy Architects.

In his preface Christopher Coy writes movingly of his lifelong friendship and twenty-five year partnership with the late Robert Barnes, who died in 2018: “We both believed that residential architecture is the true front line of modernism, and that a house can be so much more than the sum of its parts.  People live in these houses.  They relax, work and raise families in these houses…As Moshe Safdie said, ‘Seek Beauty and you will find only vanity. Seek Truth, and you will find Beauty.’”

Rob Barnes with Percy Steinhart and Pope John Paul II.

Educated by English Benedictine monks at Portsmouth Abbey (RI) where the modern campus  designed by MIT Dean of Architecture Pietro Belluschi is frequently cited as a mid-20th century masterpiece, both Barnes and Coy have been industrious designers as well as spiritual seekers, listening to their clients’ needs and working to fulfill their clients’ dreams in a way that is both True and Beautiful. This book is a poignant testament to their triumphant success.

The exterior of Meadow House.