At Findlay Galleries, A Love Letter to Paris

When Life throws us changes, however unexpected, we do our best to adapt. Art galleries are doing a fine job, many showing beautiful works that are both powerful and nostalgic that you can see both in person and online. 

Findlay Galleries, for instance, recently organized a show called “The Pictorial Poetry of Paris,” an exhibition of works by Post-impressionist painter Constantin Kluge. The exhibition is available to view in person at their Palm Beach gallery, and also can be seen via an interactive virtual tour on the gallery’s website.

Avenue Carnot et Arc de Triomphe oil on canvas

Kluge studied architecture at the École des Beaux Arts in Paris, but during his travels to Beijing and Hong Kong fell in love with brush and ink painting. After graduating from the École des Beaux Arts, Kluge painted the city’s river banks and streets. His unique knowledge of architecture gave the works a naturalistic feel, where the viewer can easily romanticize a stroll across the Pont Neuf or enjoying a drink at the Café de la Paix l’Opera.

Arthur K. Watson, Ambassador to France and President of IBM, and Mrs. Anne Watson

In late 1950s, acclaimed art dealer Wally Findlay, Jr. discovered the artist’s Parisian work and immediately showcased Kluge’s paintings of Paris to the American market. Kluge went on to have several exhibitions at all Findlay Gallery locations, including Paris, New York, Palm Beach, Chicago, and Beverly Hills. Arthur K. Watson, the Ambassador to France and President of IBM, along with his wife, Mrs. Anne Watson, encouraged many ex-pats to attend openings at Findlay Galleries and were always in attendance when their schedules allowed. 

Constantin Kluge’s Rue Saint Antonie, oil on canvas

Today, Kluge’s paintings are known as love letters to Paris. He painted the city like a cherished memory, an iconic moment in time, and his works are treasures for everyone to enjoy. And as a former architect, Kluge’s intimate understanding of Parisian architecture gave him the insight to depict them with such a unique combination of fidelity and charm. 

Café de la Paix et l’Opera, oil on canvas

If you’re in Palm Beach we highly recommended seeing the show in person. But Findlay Galleries have done a great job with the virtual tour as well—a highly interactive experience that is both entertaining and educational and offers Kluge’s works through their New York Gallery at 32 East 57th Street on the 2nd floor.

La Seine a Paris, oil on canvas