Leta Foster Debuts New Pre-Fab Design Concept

Leta Foster is offering up her Palm Beach elegance to the world. How so, you ask? Her new venture, PREtty FABulous Rooms, offers rooms with a pre-arranged set of staples, designed by Foster herself. “People will buy an expensive house and then run out to the store to get everything, and it’s all made in China,” Foster says, explaining her inspiration for launching  PREtty FABulous Rooms. “This way, people can get it done quickly but everything is the same quality as if you hired a designer.”

Seas the Day: Barton and Gray Expands Yachting to All

When Tim Barton and Douglas Gray cofounded Barton & Gray Mariners Club in 2006, the duo envisioned the company’s membership, which offers unlimited access to a fleet of crewed yachts throughout the Eastern seaboard, as an alternative yachting experience for boat enthusiasts. While many experienced sailors came aboard, Barton and Gray quickly learned that the boating industry was leaving a lot of consumers behind.

Celebrate Christmas in Nantucket with these Festive Celebrations

In 1973, local businesses founded the Nantucket Christmas Stroll in an effort to prevent islanders from fleeing to Cape Cod to do their holiday shopping. Now, 45 years later, the annual event acts as a draw for tourists from all over the Northeast. Held the first weekend in December, hundreds of decorated seven-foot Christmas trees are illuminated while carolers sing familiar holiday tunes and merchants offer special deals and refreshments to customers.