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On Lying

If the Clintons were not as downmarket as they are, they would have fit perfectly into 15th century Florence, the city that gave us Botticelli and Cellini, and also the Medicis, the […]

American Authority

One of Bill Buckley’s favorite postprandial games during the winter skiing season in Gstaad was asking his guests whom they considered to be the worst American president. I emphasize the location because […]

Putting On Airs

A snobby type high up in the Alps was recently expounding about Americans, when I interrupted him about his own country, France. Yes, I said, Americans owe a great debt to France […]

Hollywood and Trump

  Hollywood is in a snit. Hollywood is very angry and depressed. Hollywood is having a nervous breakdown. The Donald is in the White House and Hollywood types cannot take it any […]

Parties and Politics

Just about six months ago, at a Spectator party in London, I was introduced to a very attractive young woman by the name of Olga. She was Russian, very bubbly, and friendly, […]

The Clinton Legacy

Although it seems incredible, I suppose it was inevitable: 16 years of the Clintons is now almost a certainty. Years that I fear should just about do away with the good old […]

High Life

Under the watchful eye of Mount Etna, the storied past of Sicily lies parched and yellowish, but as one gets nearer to the fiery growling giant the air turns cool, the sun […]

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