Autumn In Charleston

Fall in Charleston is where you get the pleasant summer weather you never got to enjoy during the actual summer. The oppressively hot and humid weather gives way to temperatures in the mid-70s, making it the best time of year to spend time outdoors as a family. I consider myself very lucky to call Charleston home. I grew up here and recently moved back to raise my family after 10 years living in New York City. Much has changed since I was a child, but the best parts of the Holy City have remained untouched.

Charleston is a beautiful city, and thanks to certain travel magazines that proclaim we have the best city in America, many tourists come to visit. My husband and I joke that living downtown is like living in a fishbowl. I mean that quite literally. I often find myself staring directly at someone who is standing on their tiptoes peering into our windows. When we first moved in and left our front door unlocked—a bad habit from living in a doorman building—we would routinely find tourists letting themselves in for a self-guided tour. The tourists aren’t all bad; Charleston wouldn’t have the amazing food scene we do without them, but it’s definitely one of the most noticeable changes to the way of life here. We dine out at least three times a week and in the fall you can usually find us sitting outside at Chez Nous, where the food is fantastic and you would be hard-pressed to find a more charming setting. I highly recommend a cocktail at the Gin Joint or Babas before your meal, and a bite at Chubby Fish. If you go to the Ordinary, someone in my family will be there. We also love Oak on Sundays.

 The Chubby Fish restaurant.

Those of us who live here don’t spend our free time on horse and buggy tours or eating whatever it is they serve at Hyman’s Seafood. There is much to do in and about the city, and in the fall, in particular, our activities are often outdoors.We spend more time on the beaches in the fall than in the summer, and they are far less crowded, which is an added bonus.Most weekends you can find us at either Sullivan’s Island orFolly Beach, a decision based on the quality of the waves. My husband is the surfer in the family, and hurricane season brings about the best opportunities for some decent waves on the SouthCarolina Coast. Henry and I happily swim at either beach, butFolly and its one-of-a-kind, low-key weird vibe, has grown on me! Nothing is more fun than heading to the Lowlife Bar or Chico Feo after a morning in the water. I find Sullivan’s to be a much more beautiful and more manicured beach, and The Co-Op has some of the best breakfast food in town.

After a morning at the beach with family, we love to meet friends at one of the many local breweries in the afternoon. The whole family, including the dog, loves to listen to music, play Jenga, and run around outside—it’s a good escape from the crowds on King street. We spend most of the weekend staying away from the parts of Charleston everyone else wants to see

Fishing in Charleston Harbor.

Charleston is one of the best boating cities in America due to its expansive waterways and unique geography. We try to take advantage of all the local waterways have to offer. Personally, I love going for a cocktail cruise at twilight, but our son is partial to kayaking with the dolphins and fishing for small sharks.When we aren’t on the water or at the beach, walking around downtown is an activity that never gets old. Every time I go for a walk, I will notice something new that I never recognized before.

This city has an endless amount of beauty to share, and that isone thing that I don’t tire of. The history and beauty are great forkids too. We love to visit The Pirate House on Church Street andimagine the underground tunnel that was rumored to take thepirates to the waterfront undetected. Climbing the cannons onthe battery or strolling through the Gibbes museum on a rainyday are other family favorites

A stroll on Meeting Street in the South of Broad area.

As someone who got quite used to city life, one of the best parts of living in Charleston is its walkability. In addition to being able to walk to dinner, we also drive a golf cart around town as our primary form of transportation. It is one of my favorite features of our city (that golf carts are so common),and it makes going out for a quick bite or picking up groceries more fun. Sometimes the best way to appreciate where you live is to leave. We love escaping up to our country house a few times in the fall, either with just our family or a group of friends for a house party. Even when I was young, going out to the country for the weekend was an integral part of the social and family scene.My dad has always said timing is everything in life. We felt pretty fantastic about the timing of our move to Charleston and the sale of our New York apartment, about a year and a half before the pandemic. If you walk into any bar, restaurant, or coffee shop, you immediately hear “well, we just moved here.” Our home in Charleston is one of the highlights of living here. Working on our home, which was built in 1751, has made me appreciate how important everyone’s role is in ensuring that Charleston retains its charm.