Average Taxes For 10021 Zip Code: $95,000

If you live in the 10021 ZIP code, you’d better have a good accountant. You may be among The One Percent, but you’re sure paying more than that to Uncle Sam.

The Upper East Side neighborhood pays the highest income taxes in the nation, with an average tax bill of more than $95,000. Talk about keeping up with the Van Joneses: If you’re not paying six figures in taxes, you’re just not making it.

Reporting on recently released IRS data, Bloomberg news reports:

The IRS data show that 29,820 individual returns were filed from residents there, with total income taxes of $2.85 billion, or an average tax bill of $95,489. More than 93% of taxes in the ZIP code came from households with adjusted gross income greater than $200,000, the IRS records show.

The ZIP code extends from the East River into Central Park, between 69th and 77th streets. Property owners include Stephen Schwarzman, founder and chairman of The Blackstone Group LP; David Koch, co-owner of Koch Industries Inc., one of the largest privately held U.S. companies; and John Thain, chairman and chief executive of CIT Group Inc.

Households in the 10021, 10023, 10128, 10022, 10024 and 10028 ZIP codes, which represent the most heavily taxed neighborhoods in the nation, paid $12.3 billion in individual income taxes during 2008. Residents of the Scarsdale, N.Y., ZIP code of 10583 paid another $1.5 billion in taxes, and households in two Fairfield County ZIP codes, 06830 and 06831, handed over $2.65 billion to the federal government.