BCBG Max Azria Spring 2015

by Alex R. Travers

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 10.46.29 PMSymmetry is beautiful. It contains a sense of harmony and balance. But when it comes to clothes, asymmetry can have a certain offbeat charm. It’s supposed to trip us up: Manipulated hemlines. Curved zippers. Oddly placed pockets. These geometries demand our attention. BCBG designers Max and Lubov Azria understand this, carefully modifying fabrics to give their collections, as they say, a lasting impression.

Their most recent theme is nonchalance. The clothes are loose, languid even, most benefitting from movement. (I watched a light blue silk dress parade down the runway with pleasure, a rose v-neck version with awe.) Everything is neatly trimmed, giving excess fabrics a function, which is an essential part of the label’s appeal. Even the stiffer, more structured looks allow for motility, such as their belted ribbed dress that resembles a keikogi, the uniform used in martial arts training.

That said, most of these clothes (silk dresses) and accessories (cute clutches) are pretty standard for BCBG, named after the French phrase bon chic, bon genre. Good style, good attitude, that is. Let’s call the spring 2015 style relaxed and the attitude carefree.