Beach Read: “The Summer We Read Gatsby”

The author and art collector Danielle Ganek’s new novel follows the lead of her last one, Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him, and traverses autobiographical territory. Then it was the rarefied art world, now it is summertime in the Hamptons. The Summer We Read Gatsby tells the story of two sisters who inherit a Hamptons home and face all too familiar challenges: foreclosure and economic hardship in the late summer of 2008.

In Lulu, it was speculated that the art dealer character Martin Better was based on Ganek’s real-life dealer Larry Gagosian. Which leaves us to wonder, which New York figures might be the inspiration for Gatsby‘s Lulu and Stella Peck? And who are the art-scene hangers-on that populate all those posh parties they go to?