Behind the Label Banjanan by Caroline Weller

by Brooke Alpart

E048A41E-16B4-4265-848F-C5C466BEC5FFBanjanan is a fashion brand by Caroline Weller based in Jaipur, the capital of majestic Rajasthan, India. And there’s certainly beauty and dignity in the company’s ethos. Take Banjanan’s dedication to supporting and sustaining the local textile community, for instance: Its partners include skilled artisans and every piece of the collection draws on their high level of expertise along with their many generations of experience. But behind all the hard work and sweat, the collection looks entirely effortless: the tunics and maxi shirt dresses are cool, chic, flattering…with a simple change of an accessory, they can work well in the city or on a vacation. Their handmade embroideries and prints are impossible to recreate through machine technology, making Banjanan unique and desirable. Weller’s work consists of garments that celebrate an ancient craft yet are still rooted firmly in the present. In a sentence, the collection is modern and versatile but maintains a certain sense of history. That’s why owning a piece of this fabulous collection is almost like having your own modern heirloom!