Bergdorf’s new beauty brand

The soon-to-open Sulwhasoo counter at Bergdorf's

A new holistic Korean beauty brand, Sulwhasoo, recently launched exclusively in the U.S. at Bergdorf’s, and its store-within-a-store will open next month. The line draws from traditional Korean remedies, blending ancient indigenous herbs to restore balance and energy to the skin.

The launch includes a full line of twelve products for the face.

Concentrated Ginseng Cream – This rich, luxurious cream–perhaps the hallmark product of the line–delivers rare six-year-old Korean ginseng, as well as other roots and berries, to revive damaged, aging skin. $220.

First Care Serum – This lightly-scented, lightweight serum packs heavy-duty replenishment. The serum’s membranous Milkvetch, Licorice, and Dwarf Lilyturf are absorbed quickly to perfectly prep the skin for your moisturizer. $80.