Betsey Johnson debuts her Eloise suite at The Plaza

Betsey Johnson at her newly designed "Eloise" suite at The Plaza. Photo by Christina Arza.

On Thursday, Quest joined The Plaza for the unveiling of its new Eloise-themed suite, designed by Betsey Johnson.

Making my way up to “the tippy-top floor,” I felt like a child again. Upon entering the girls’ fantasy suite, I was overwhelmed by zebra-print carpet, pink striped walls, and tutus and dress-up clothes hanging throughout the room. And there in the center of the room was Johnson, in a blue-striped dress holding a Eloise doll, absolutely glowing. She was chatting with two eager young girls as she signed their Eloise books.

Johnson said she couldn’t wait to bring her granddaughters, Layla, 4, and Ella, 2—both very big Eloise fans—to stay in the suite.

Before designing the room, Johnson thought about the types of rooms she likes to stay in. When traveling, she always tried her best to brighten a room by bringing colorful chiffon to throw about the room and, most importantly, flowers. There should always be flowers.

Photo by Christina Arza

Of course, living like Eloise isn’t cheap (rates start at $995 per night), and, If mom and dad plan to stay in the adjoining parents’ suite, they’ll get champagne and truffles for a total cost of $2,045 per night for both rooms.