Bouchon Bakery


Right before Labor Day Weekend, I took a walk over to the bakery. (The last time I tried the cookie was back in February.) When I arrived, a chalkboard sign informed me that there would be a grand reopening on September 4, but I could visit the “pop-up shop” nearby. After waiting on a short line, I asked the girl behind the counter what her favorite pastry was. “I like the pistachio swirl,” she said without inspiring confidence. I told her I’d try it, but she informed me they didn’t have anymore. I was only slightly disappointed. Instead, I opted for a butter nutter—the bakery had marked it that day as “better nutter cookie,” yet online I see it labeled as “butter nutter,” “nutter butter,” and “better nutter”—and was content as usual. It was delectable, creamy, and just a little messy. But what I forgot about the cookie was the large chunks of peanuts that added a crunchy texture to the rich inside. I’ll have to wait until Fashion Week to try the pistachio swirl.

Bouchon Bakery, 10 Columbus Circle 3rd Floor, New York, NY; 212.823.9366;