Bring Your Own Wine…We Have Gourmet Popcorn

by Amanda Perez


It’s the end of July, and New York City has morphed into the seventh circle of hell. The summer plague called boredom has infected the city’s population and the heat has exhausted the people’s will to fight back against it. At least you have A/C and Netflix in your living room, so all you’re missing is some gourmet popcorn…and probably some wine. Famed artisan popcorn purveyor, Populence, has partnered with New Zealand wine producer Kim Crawford to pull the city of New York out of dangerous boredom and bring the people wine-infused popcorn. That’s right. Wine-infused popcorn. Populence has introduced two new flavors. The citrus flavored Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Lemon, perfect for a night in with your friends, and the Kim Crawford Pinot Noir Chocolate Drizzle, exquisite with a summer wine and a hot beau. Even if you don’t live in New York, the Kim Crawford Lemon is available nationwide on the Populence website. And if you’re feeling particularly heroic yourself, consumer-friendly recipes are available through the Kim Crawford website, so you can single-handedly pull your friends out of the heat and onto your couch (Bring Your Own Wine).