Casual Dining Debated For New Tavern On The Green

Though an eatery at the location formerly occupied by Tavern On the Green is being planned, it should come as no surprise that the new restaurant probably won’t be quite as elegant as its predecessor.

Reporting on a community meeting held last week, DNA Info reports that both neighborhood locals and Parks Department board members are concerned about the plans for a new “casual” dining establishment at the landmark site.

The Manhattan news site reports:

[Director of Concessions] Kloth disputed the success of the historic restaurant, saying the city made little money off the contract, and that while Tavern did gross a lot of money, it had high operating expenses and ultimately filed for bankruptcy.

Kloth said that the restaurant’s 40,000 square feet of interior space, which is “no longer the warren of rooms” from the Tavern days, could accommodate different dining experiences.

“It’s a big space,” he noted, saying he hoped there would be a room for fine dining that required reservations and for other things, like tapas, for instance.