Talking Shop with Linda Horn

The windows of her Madison Avenue boutique have been called one of the greatest retail sights in New York. More than a home store, Linda Horn is a New York treasure—a destination to discover its owner’s keen aesthetic sensibilities in her finds from all over the world, across multiple categories. Here, Horn tells Quest how her business came to be.

“New Frontier” Installation at Galeria Melissa

The New York City Flagship location for Galeria Melissa is celebrating a new partnership with talented creative director Sam Shannon’s installation: “New Frontier.” Challenging the here-and-now rules of traditional video Shannon showcases individuals who reflect a spectrum of sexualities, genders, race and styles expressing how their particular style has become part of how they live in New York on a daily basis. Melissa is a celebrated global fashion accessories brand, recognized worldwide for the innovative works it has associated itself with in design, fashion and art.