April 2017

ON THE COVER: Hilary Geary Ross, one of the leading ladies of philanthropy, at her home in Palm Beach. Photography by Harry Benson. . . Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share […]

The Woolworth Tower Residences

The skyscraper is perhaps New York City’s most significant contribution to the world of architecture, and the Woolworth Building is the vanguard of the genre. After topping off in 1913, the 792-foot […]

Beautiful Interiors

Denver, Colorado. 1972. “It was the right time, the right place,” reflects interior designer Judy Howard Harpel of J/Howard Design, Inc. She had just graduated from the University of Colorado, where she […]

Putting On Airs

A snobby type high up in the Alps was recently expounding about Americans, when I interrupted him about his own country, France. Yes, I said, Americans owe a great debt to France […]

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