Monica Vinader’s Inspired Designs

Monica Vinader is an everyday fine jewelry brand that celebrates individuality, with a range of contemporary pieces that can be styled, stacked, and personalized for a completely customizable look. To celebrate the opening of their new store at 989 Madison Avenue this May, we sat down with Monica Vinader, founder and creative director of her …

A Timeless Timepiece by Hermès: The Acreau de Soir

Hermès is pleased to introduce, The Acreau Robe de Soir a 12-piece limited numbered edition watch imbued with the Hermès saddle and leather-making heritage, which transposes the art of contemporary mosaic into the playful world of Hermès. Available in stores now, the rose gold Acreau boasts radiantly vivid colors displayed throughout the design and features an equestrian motif.