Dreaming Trees Wines to Plant One Tree for Every Bottle Sold this Earth Day


Support the environment while enjoying a glass of wine! The Dreaming Tree Wines is collaborating with environmental conservation partner Living Lands and Waters to plant one tree for every bottle of The Dreaming Tree Wines sold between April 15 and April 22.

The Dreaming Tree Wines is planting one tree for every bottle of wine sold to celebrate Earth Day.

The “Buy A Bottle, Plant One Tree” program will plant up to 80,000 trees in support of charity partner Living Lands and Waters’ MillionTrees Project. The MillionTrees Project protects, preserves, and restores the country’s major rivers and watersheds.

The Dreaming Tree brand is dedicated to limiting their carbon footprint. It uses 100% recyclable kraft brown paper for labels, makes lightweight wine bottles to reduce the amount of fuel required for transportation, and has 17,000 solar panels across four wineries.

The Dreaming Tree Wines—owned by artist Dave Matthews and award-winning winemaker Sean McKenzie—is dedicated to sustainability. The brand has donated over $1,000,000 to various environmental organizations, and is a Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing winery. Each wine bottle is made with eco-conscious processes and materials.

Dave Matthews and Sean McKenzie.