Celebrating the Success of BLADE, the First All-Digitally Powered Aviation Service

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Influential New Yorkers gathered to raise a glass to BLADE, the first all-digitally powered aviation service.  For the first time in history, New Yorkers are able to fly between Manhattan and the Hamptons by helicopter in as little as 30 minutes by using a mobile app. BLADE allows travelers to purchase a single seat or create their own flight on their own schedule, while BLADE sells their unused seats to the BLADE mobile community. Consistent with the massive shift to collaborative consumption by young, digital-savvy consumers, BLADE has democratized private air travel by making it more efficient, less expensive, and devoid of attitude.

In celebration of BLADE, guests enjoyed a surprise performance by “The X Factor” Season 2 finalist, David Corey, who arrived by BLADE helicopter at the East Side Heliport to perform his famous rendition of the World Cup Campaign Anthem, “The Cup Is Ours.” The best verification of Blade’s worth will be when clients fly out over Long Island and see their fellow Hamptonites stuck in traffic!