Chatting With Palm Beach Duo Liza Pulitzer and Whitney McGurk


Liza Pulitzer, a third-generation Palm Beacher whose family name is iconic on the island, boasts over 30 years of brokerage experience in the area. Her partner, Whitney McGurk, uses his extensive experience in sales and marketing to contribute to an increasing number of sales each year. Together, the pair has become a top-producing real estate team in the area. Below, the two share with us some of their insights into the Palm Beach market and their highly respected partnership.

Q: How has the Palm Beach real estate market evolved over the past few years?
A: We are finding more clients looking for a property that is move-in ready. The ease of being able to move into a brand new or  recently renovated home has added value to clients who are moving from out of town. We are also seeing a shift in desirable locations; the North End has become sought after as it’s very family friendly.

Q: Why are more people looking to call Palm Beach their permanent home?
A: Tax reform and the quality of life Palm Beach has to offer is a driving force for why more people are moving here. The new tax reform has played a large role in clients claiming residency. Clients are looking to take advantage of the tax incentives personally, as well as professionally in moving businesses to South Florida. Overall, there are more opportunities for young families to live and work in South Florida.

Q: How would you describe your overall team dynamic?
A: We have known each other for over 35 years, which attributes to our ability to work seamlessly with each other and our clients. We are in constant communication working various angles to ensure we offer our clients the best service possible. 

Q: What are your unique roles within the team? 
A: Liza knows just about every home in Palm Beach and Whitney has a wealth of knowledge in marketing and sales. When we first partnered, Whitney took on more of an administrative role but quickly became an equal part of the team as he attributed to closing more and more deals. Each of us have our own network of different age groups, which has proven to be very advantageous.

Q: I read that you often try to find  potential homes for buyers that are not yet listed. Tell more about this concept.
A: Once we have a good idea of what clients are looking for, we search for properties that are listed on the market. A lot of times, we cannot find exactly what our clients want. We get to work using our long standing network of relationships with realtors and residents to find properties that are not on the market. Through phone calls, emails, and talking real estate 24/7, we have our finger on the pulse. We leave no stone unturned to find our clients the property they’re looking for. 

Q: What makes your team stand out over other brokers in the area?
A: We are born and raised in Palm Beach and know the island better than most. This is a huge asset to clients as we know the history of the island, who lives where, why one street is better (or worse) than another. We strive to create a white-glove concierge service to integrate clients and their businesses into the community. u

For more information, visit or call 561.310.7919 (McGurk) or 561.373.0666 (Pulitzer).