Cos d’Estournel Launches COS100 Luxury Wine, Raises $250K at Charitable Auction


Cos d’Estournel launched its COS100 luxury wine with an auction at the Rainbow Room in New York on February 28, 2018. The auction raised $251,250 for Elephant Family—a non-profit working to save Indian elephants from extinction through field projects, conservation efforts, and habitat rehabilitation.

Cos d’Estournel unveiled COS100 at an auction at the Rainbow Room.

“We are honored by Cos d’Estournel’s commitment to our work to save Asia’s endangered elephants and we are delighted by this meaningful association on the COS100 events. It testifies Cos d’Estournel’s long-lasting admiration for Indian culture, and especially, the elephant.”—Ruth Powys, chief executive officer at Elephant Family.

Proceeds from the auction were donated to Elephant Family.

COS100 is a limited edition wine honoring a revered plot within the heart of Cos d’Estournel vineyards planted by courageous women during World War I. The rare and exceptional wine is derived from 100-year-old Merlot vines, and is now available through private sales.

There are 10 two-liter bottles and 100 3-liter bottles for sale.

COS100 comes in large bottles to give the wine great aging potential. Each bottle is engraved, and comes in a wood and leather box—making a great collector’s piece.

Each bottle has an engraved description.
All bottles come in a wood and leather box.

“With COS100, I want to pay tribute to the terroir, and to acknowledge the women who, more than a hundred years ago, courageously worked in the vineyard to ensure the continuity of the estate. A symbol of transmission, COS100 is a unique wine nurtured over several generations, a powerful link between a glorious past and a promising future. It is with great pride that I reveal an exceptional wine, a testimony to our permanent quest for excellence that fosters the legend of Cos d’Estournel.”—Michel Reybier, Cos d’Estournel owner.