Designer Alvin Valley Helps Promote the White House’s Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics

by Alex R. Travers

photoAlvin Valley is the best friend a young student could have. He’s funny, hilariously so, while keeping his ambitions high and his fashion business grounded in a grueling, competitive landscape. Two years ago, he relaunched his eponymous brand, which makes ready-to-wear clothing for women with an emphasis on creating “the perfect pant.” Valley’s clients love his straightforward, well-tailored clothes. But success didn’t materialize overnight; there were many barriers to overcome. That’s why the White House’s Initiative on Educational Excellence recently asked the designer to share his “lessons learned” with young Hispanics, encouraging them to persevere with their studies and to be curious about subjects like engineering, math, and science (Valley studied architecture). His purpose is to show the Latino youth how he achieved his dream. And he tells it how it is, praising the help he received along the way. “I’m very lucky to have had people in my life who believed in me and pushed me to overcome whatever obstacles I faced,” says the designer. “I want to be someone who teaches by word and deed that you can do anything you put your mind to—take those challenging classes, read as much as you can, learn from those who have lifted themselves up. Go out there and show the world all of your strength, beauty, and smarts.”