Designer Spotlight: Jennifer Garrigues

Jennifer Garrigues’ colorful, eclectic, romantic interiors are influenced largely by her travels around the globe. “I love India; I love Morocco; I love Vietnam and Cambodia; I love Europe,” she lists. “I’m all over the place.” She draws inspiration from these far-flung lands in ways both literal (witness the wares in her design shop on Peruvian Avenue, picked up during her travels—“I’m drawn to everywhere I go, and I pick out things that excite me,” she says) and figurative, through the photographs she brings back to share with and inspire clients, and via her combinations of bright hues similar to those found in the bazaars of Morocco or on the colorful saris worn in India. “I obviously don’t like bland interiors,” Garrigues says. “I have to put something in that’s a little different.”

She enjoys using reclaimed wood, stone, and tiles, as she did in the kitchen and bar area shown above, in which she employed antique patterned tiles from Portugal on the kitchen walls and on the floor and backdrop of the bar. “The tiles from hundreds of years ago are coming back in style again. They look fresh and new, but they’re old!” she exclaims. “I loved putting that all together.” She also used tile in the butler’s pantry, now a large china pantry, off the kitchen. “I wanted to make every room wonderful,” she says, especially the “working rooms” that often get overlooked.

Salvaged antique tiles from Portugal feature strongly in this home designed by Jennifer Garrigues.

As for what’s happening in the Palm Beach-area design world, Garrigues says that she sees interiors softening. “They’re not so hard-edged and midcentury,” she says, elaborating that while midcentury furniture is still hot, its sleek lines are now being mixed with softer textures and furniture in a more traditional style as well as antiques, and even a little bit of chintz. “It’s still very modern and simple, but it has a more welcoming appeal,” she says. She’s seeing clients mixing a lot of modern and contemporary art, including photography, with midcentury interiors. “It looks phenomenal with that.” She’s also excited to see that patterned rugs are coming back into vogue, in more-muted colors so as to look contemporary.

“I think in this harried world we live in,” says Garrigues, “people are looking for interesting and peaceful interiors. That’s what I find all my clients want.”