Digital Generation: A Chat With the Founders of Vixely

College friends with a vision for the future of interactive and mobile media, Lara Glaister (l), Nora Bass (c) and Jennifer Eident (r) are the founders of Vixely, the first digital media company to produce and curate interactive media designed exclusively for the iPad — and for women.

Aimed at Generation Y, Vixely provides advice and entertainment in a voice that resonates with young women and on a platform that fits their digital lifestyle. Its best-selling interactive iBook for women has reached over 20,000 downloads in the two months since Vixely’s launch, and the company’s website receives over 210,000 monthly pageviews. recently spoke with the founders on their vision for mobile entertainment directed at young women and what the future holds for their budding digital empire.

• • •

QM: How did the idea for Vixely come about?

LG: Jen, Nora and I first met at university through mutual friends. About a year ago, we reconnected over a shared frustration with the lack of quality content that resonates with women today and the inefficiency of traditional media in providing answers to our biggest questions, particularly in the women’s health and sexuality space.

We realized we shared a passion to solve women’s needs and decided to combine our talents in business, technology and design to create an immersive, curated media experience that reflects the future of media consumption on the tablet. We founded Vixely to create a tasteful, trusted source for authentic, sophisticated and female-positive content on our core issues in a format that fits our digital lives.

QM: With so much media targeting women, how do you differentiate yourself?

NB: Vixely is unique in both voice and format. Women’s media today is missing a fun, edgy and intelligent voice that resonates with female readers and that empowers women.

Vixely curates our content from experts, best-selling authors and tastemaker peers to cut through the noise and reclaim the conversation. The tablet market is radically changing the game for traditional media players and Vixely is poised to be on the cutting edge of this new movement.

We believe the future of media consumption is an immersive, personalized experience created by combining the evergreen elements of books, the visual design of magazines, and the e-commerce, multi-media and social aspects of the web. As sophisticated, Digital Gen women, our team is uniquely able to pair the right message with this new, digital medium.

QM: What have you learned about how women use technology (especially social media), and what they want from it?

JE: Women are inherently inquisitive in their nature and in general want to share their experiences. We spend three hours per day online searching for advice and entertainment and spend 30% more time on social networks than men. We enjoy the visual aspects of digital design, as in the case of Pinterest, sometimes over necessity or functionality.

Gen Y women in particular are willing to pay for quality and efficiency in their digital experience, and value personalization features so they can choose what suits their taste. We engage heavily on sharing platforms when we feel trust and comfort with our digital environment. The iPad offers the best digital environment for women for content consumption as a more interactive and immersive platform than the web, and is more personal to consume certain media privately.

At Vixely, our technology and product creation is based on need finding and human centric design where our readers’ needs and joy from their experience comes first. We test our iPad product features, content and design heavily to ensure our readers trust and enjoy their Vixely experience.

QM: What’s next for your growing empire?

JE: We just released our debut iPad magazine (aptly titled, “Let’s Get It On!”) through our native iPad app in iTunes Newsstand! Vixely’s iPad app will be women’s destination on the tablet for advice and entertainment, with monthly content releases, including magazine issues and evergreen guides on our core topics complete with interactive features for a seamless digital experience. In the future, we are excited for Vixely real-time apps on women’s biggest questions and Vixely branded products to complement our digital offerings.