Discovering Barcelona

In light of the series of troubling events that recently took place in Barcelona, I wanted to take a minute to appreciate the magical city, and one its most charming hotels situated on Passeig de Gracia— a hotel that offers unparalleled local connections to explore the city’s wonders from all angles.

Approaching nearly a century’s worth of history in Barcelona, the Majestic Hotel and Spa recently established “Majestic Experiences,” which provides insider itineraries for guests to uncover the city’s culture. Whether you’re a foodie, wine-lover, or art enthusiast intrigued by Gaudi’s radical designs, Majestic’s tours allow you to tap into Barcelona’s exciting culture, customized to your specific interests.

To highlight a few options:

The hotel’s partnership with marine biologist Anna Bozzano allows guests to witness the daily bidding between chefs and fishermen as they barter over the morning’s catch, and to stop into the historic fishermen’s neighborhood known as “La Barceloneta” for tapas.

And for a sweeter option, Majestic can bring you to Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, fabled to be the European birthplace of hot chocolate. The area is comprised of a number of stores offering a seemingly endless supply of cocoa confections. Partnering with renowned chocolatiers, Majestic Hotel offers the opportunity to partake in mini chocolate-making workshops.

The Maresme is an idyllic beachfront county popular among Barcelona residents for its charming villages and locally produced Alella wines. Fortunately for guests of Majestic, the hotel invites you to travel by private sailboat to the Alta Alella winery—known for its gravity-defying vines planted on slopes up to 800 feet above sea level making for amazing wine tasting and a decadent meal with pairings from the storied vineyard.

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