Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Holiday Market has Something for Everyone


For that person who has everything, consider a gift with meaning, and a handmade touch. Urban Zen founder Donna Karan is teaming up with the International Folk Art Market (IFAM) for a multi-dimensional and multi-cultural holiday marketplace. The holiday collaboration is an exciting evolution in the partnership between IFAM and Urban Zen, which worked together this past summer to highlight a group of artisans at the annual Santa Fe Folk Art Market. Karan has been a huge supporter of IFAM and international artists.

“Urban Zen and International Folk Art Market have something important in common: we are both deeply in love with human creativity and culture,” adds IGAM creative director Keith Recker. “We see the same beauty in hand spun fibers and natural dyes. We hear the stories told in the symbols woven into baskets and carved into wood. We take the same joy in listening to artists from around the world talk about why and what they make. Our partnership, because it is formed around these shared values, touches everyone involved, including people who will come to our December event at the Urban Zen Center in Greenwich Village to look, to learn, and to buy.” 

“I am so inspired by the artisans IFAM brings together from around the world,” agrees Karan. “I love every single one of them and appreciate the heart and soul that goes into making these one-of-a-kind objects. Keith and IFAM are connecting the dots with us as we build a soulful economy at Urban Zen. It’s never about the me, but the we. How we can create a conscious community, where philanthropy meets commerce.” 

The holiday artisanal destination will highlight over 45 international artisans from countries like Colombia, India, Thailand, Madagascar, and South Africa—bringing to life each of these unique culture—all in one space. Timed with seasonal shopping, shoppers will find everything from accessories, home décor, textiles, clothing, art, and much more now through December 29 at 705 Greenwich Street.